Maineville, Ohio


   At Ohio Valley Hops, we love beer. Good beer. Well crafted beer. And as dedicated craft beer drinkers and locavores, we started growing hops in 2012 to do our part in the beer renaissance we are enjoying here in Ohio.


   We are not brewers- we leave that up to those of you who have the passion, artistry and scientific skills. But we are growers- we’ve been growing a variety of fruits and vegetables for many years. We have long been dedicated to keeping production as natural and gentle as possible in soil health practices, pest and disease management, and processing, in order to provide the most flavorful and healthy produce that we can- and the same goes for our hops. We are proud to say that we are certified by the Ohio Hop Growers Guild in meeting their rigorous Hop Quality Standard, a series of benchmarks for growing and processing best practices, and food safety. 

   We believe the future of craft brewing is in producing not only a few flagship brews (requiring quality, quantity and consistency of hops- we can’t do the quantity) but in producing unique, creative, small batch brews.  We trust our selection of hops will help brewers accomplish that with a competitive edge from our choice and quality. Fresh hop, single hop, all local hop brews- we provide options.


   We currently have 9 varieties and over 1400 plants in our hopyard, providing a reliable source of locally grown, fresh, quality product, providing a niche source of great hops for our local brewers to keep it local.  You rock,  Ohio craft brewers.