Thanks for your interest in custom picking using our Wolverine Air-1 Hop Harvester.Below are several considerations for you.
  • Price is $90/hour, minimum one hour, and billed in 30 minute increments.Billing starts as soon as my truck and harvester are in position at your farm, the hydraulic pump mounted to your tractor and the harvester running and ends when the last bine is run through. Consider that if you paid laborers minimum wage ($8.30) to pick, and they were able to pick 2 strings an hour, that equates to $498 to pick 60 strings, the minimum capability of this picker in one hour.

  • You will maximize your value if you are prepared and have enough people to continuously keep two bine wagons in operation.

  • We charge $45/hour to drive to your farm, billed in one hour increments, starting when we leave our farm and ending when we pull in to yours.

  • You can bring your hops to our farm, and we will charge an additional $30/hour for the use of our tractor to power it.

  • The harvester will pick 100-120 bines an hour for average hop.  The condition of the bines will determine the actual rate.

  • We will not pick bines trained on synthetic string, only natural sisal or coir.

  • We will supervise and operate the picker, and you and your crew will have specific jobs to perform. We will have a quick training session upon arrival. You need a minimum of three people, although more is preferable. Jobs that will need to be performed include:

    • cut and haul bines,

    • hook the bines on the harvester,

    • monitor and change out harvest bins and haul to your dryer,

    • unhook the picked bines,

    • glean the picked bines and pick leaves and stems out of the harvested cones.

  • You need enough space for a full size pick up truck pulling a 20’ long machine, with room to pull your tractor in next to the truck, and for your bine wagon to the rear. Include turning distances.

  • You must have a tractor on site, with a full fuel tank. You must have a minimum 30 hp tractor.If it has a PTO guard, you will need to remove it prior to our arrival to accommodate the hydraulic pump that powers the harvester. The harvester has its own hydraulic pump- all we need is a PTO to put it on.  It does not use your tractor's hydraulics.

  • I highly recommend you have two wagons on site- one at the harvester and one in the field getting more bines.  This minimizes machine downtime and saves you money.

  • You must have adequate harvest bins on site, ready for use.

  • You should have bines cut and ready to feed into the harvester. I recommend you begin cutting no more than 30 minutes prior to picking.I will notify you when I depart my farm so you can coordinate that. Ideally, bines must be cut and laid out on a wagon, all oriented in the same direction (cut end to tip). Try to cut the bine so that you leave about a foot of bine with no cones. 

  • The picked bines will generate quite a bit of trash from leaves and bines. Consider a tarp, or a wagon for this.

  • You should be ready to deliver wet hops, or begin drying, as soon as possible. Wet hops should be cooled, delivered and used within 24 hours. I recommend purchasing mesh onion bags for delivery, not trash bags. Drying should begin immediately if you plan to dry and pelletize.

  • You are responsible to determine if your hops are ready for harvest. Read these for guidance:

  • As you (hopefully) realize, farming has many uncontrollable variables: weather, your equipment or mine breaking down, our day jobs’ work schedules, etc. You generally have a week to ten day window for harvesting any variety. I will do my best to work with you and those variables. Please contact me at as soon as possible to schedule, but when I think I am booked to capacity, the best I can do is put you on stand-by or refer you to another grower with a harvester.

  • Please watch the video below for a harvester orientation.

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