Ohio was once a huge producer of hops- farmers had to feed the enormous thirst of my German ancestors here in the Cincinnati area (in 1893, the per capita beer consumption in Cincinnati was 40 gallons per person).  Disease and Prohibition killed these hops off a century ago, but thanks to better breeding, fungicides and the 21st Amendment, they are viable once more.  There are over 70 hop growers in the state now, and interest from many more.  We've formed a guild to better collaborate on this venture, and are holding our fourth annual open house to allow craft brewers, home brewers, new growers, potential growers, people in the craft beer industry, and craft beer connoisseurs the opportunity to see whats going on in the world of Humulus Lupulus here at some of these farms across the Buckeye State. 

 We hope to see you then!  It's on Saturday, July 28, from 10-2, and it's free...

You can GPS your way to the farm at 8371 Ohio 48, Maineville, OH 45039. 


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